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FMY coaching programs deliver proven results!  Our customizable 12 week programs are intelligently designed to re-frame and re-train habitual patterns in order to help you achieve your own self-identified health and wellness goals. We’ll work in collaboration with your healthcare providers and be there for you every step of the way as you embark on the journey towards becoming the best you you can be.

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Our approach emphasizes behavioral, nutritional and physical training and is successful in helping people bridge the gap between wanting to improve their health and lifestyle and actually getting it done.  Our one-on-one facilitation holds clients accountable in progressing towards self-selected lifestyle changes while allowing for flexibility to re-assesses goals and modify as needed. Ultimately, the coach and client will co-create a plan designed to implement sustainable changes promoting lasting health and wellness.  We’ll work collaboratively with your medical team and draw from our research-backed Functional Medicine resources, food plans and lab tests to find a solution that works for you. A key tenet of Functional Medicine Yoga is that there is no “standard treatment.” We offer a client-centered alternative to traditional medical and group fitness models with the core belief that YOU are the key to your own healing.


Each of the 12 weeks of the FMY coaching program builds on the previous week, laying a solid foundation on which to create lasting change.  Here is a brief overview of the course:

Preparation Stage:
Week 1: Coaching Fundamentals: Preparing and Planning for Change
Week 2: Personal Narrative and Psychology of Eating

Action Stage:
Week 3: Embarking on your Functional Medicine Yoga Rx and Lifestyle Plan
Week 4: Laying a Solid Foundation
Week 5: Finding the Flow
Week 6: Stoking the Inner Fire
Week 7: Cultivating Compassion and Acceptance
Week 8: Expressing Your Inner Voice

Maintenance Stage:
Week 9: No formal session this week.
Week 10: Knowing the Way Forward
Week 11: No formal session this week.

Transformation Stage:
Week 12: Completion of Functional Medicine Yoga Rx and Lifestyle Plan

Anyone looking to make a change in their lives! From teens dealing with the stresses of school and adult-life, to parents trying to find time to take better care of themselves, to elderly patients looking to reclaim a sense of energy and vibrance… We work with everyone!

In addition to 10 one-hour live coaching sessions (either in-person or via video conference), your coach will also be readily available via text and email for the duration of your 12-week program. At FMY we believe accountability is one of the primary factors contributing to our clients’ success.

This is up to you, We are in compliance with HIPPA, so we won’t talk to anyone without your permission. Having a collaborative care team can be a huge help in making changes to your health, so if you’re currently being treated by a physician for a specific condition, we’d love to work together with your medical professionals to ensure everyone is on the same page.

One-on-one coaching sessions are held online via your Practice Better client portal, on an easy-to-use HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform.

Not necessarily. Lab tests can be a valuable way to obtain information and are an important diagnostic tool, but they’re not required to participate in the 12 week program. While FMY values and respects modern science, we believe that by cultivating subtle awareness through the practice of yoga, a person’s own intuition can go a long ways towards discovering where the body is out of balance and what it needs to bring itself back.  However, if you would like to incorporate lab testing, we have a partnership with to bring you high-quality, easily accessible and affordable testing.

You’ll be provided with a workbook and everything you need for the 12 week program, however a personal journal and yoga mat would be good to have as well.

Optional add-on’s to the 12-week program include lab tests and the Functional Cleanse.

FMY abides by the notion that it takes 21 days to create (or break) a habit and 90 days to create an entirely new lifestyle. With this in mind, we specifically designed this program to support our clients through the entire change process from preparation to transformation. Each week of the program systematically builds on the previous week to set up clients for success in achieving their goals.

We do not take insurance however we can provide you with whatever documentation you need to seek reimbursement from your insurance company directly.

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