Therapeutic Yoga

The teachings and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda can offer profound healing especially when paired with modern approaches.  The system we’ve designed at Functional Medicine Yoga works by integrating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person, often leading to profound breakthroughs without ever having to step foot inside a yoga studio.

Get more out of your yoga practice.

While it’s fantastic that Yoga has become so prevalent, the popularity of yoga classes offered to the masses has unfortunately watered down some of its most potent healing potential.

FMY takes a more personalized approach to the practice, seeking to address the specific concerns of each individual in a therapeutic setting of the client’s choosing.  We strive to meet our clients wherever they may be on their unique wellness journey.  Sessions vary widely in nature but are all intended to facilitate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Guidance and assistance is given to aide and accentuate the effects of the practice. This may include traditional asana (yoga poses), yin, restorative or therapeutic variations, relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques, use of props modifications and  myofascial manipulation among other techniques.

Regular practice over the course of several weeks/months is the best way to experience the full benefits Yoga can offer.  For this reason we offer online memberships with 2x/monthly or 4x/monthly private sessions.  All memberships include access to your very own Practice Better online portal, bonus materials, and special discounts on other products and services.


Sessions are held online via video through your individualized Practice Better portal.  The Practice Better app and website are state-of-the-art, easy to use HIPAA compliant telehealth platforms allowing you to have world-class private instruction from the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose to practice.

Most conditions require an average of 8 sessions, although some will respond within fewer visits and others may require a longer series. This depends on the severity, the chronicity of what we are working on, your ability to stick to the plan that you have been given and your body’s overall health and ability to recover. Every individual is unique and will respond in a different timeline. We encourage clients to sign up for a membership and commit to at least 2 months to give themselves an opportunity to gain a solid foundation and begin to see the benefits that consistent practice can have on the body and mind.

Monthly Memberships (auto-draft, no roll-over):

$199/month (2x 1-hour sessions monthly)

$349/month (4x 1-hour sessions monthly)

Individual Sessions (expire after 12 months):

$120 (1-hour single session)

$400 (4-PACK 1 hour sessions)

*See information about being in a Case Study for a discounted 8-pack of sessions.

These prices listed here are for online and on-location sessions.  For current prices at Castle Hill Fitness in Austin TX, please book here.

If you seek to address a specific condition with therapeutic yoga and are interested in furthering the field of yoga research, then being in a case study might be a good option for you! Being an FMY case study participant requires you to commit to completing at least 8 sessions over the course of 12 weeks. You will work with a highly trained and qualified FMY coach and therapeutic yoga specialist who will come up with a “yoga prescription” to address your condition and modify as needed as you progress. Your coach will track your progress both in your practice and with your chief complaint. The first session will be an intake and a very simple practice to gauge your ability. Subsequent sessions will guide you through the prescription protocol, teach you how and when to practice it on your own, and check in and get feedback and modify as needed. We will have a final check in at the 8th session to re-assess the condition and create a report that will be provided to the Yoga Medicine Research Institute.

A 10% discount on an 8-pack of sessions is available to case study participants.

We do! In fact, it’s some of the work that we’re most passionate about. We work with elementary school children using mindful techniques including games and storytelling to incorporate yoga, mindfulness and self-reflection at an early age. Children are incredibly insightful and receptive to this work and there are numerous studies showing profound social, emotional and mental health benefits. This is also true of teens and young adults, especially those with emotional or mental health concerns. Given the consent of overseeing physicians, we also work with pre- and post-natal clients, elderly clients, clients with limited mobility or those rehabilitating from injury. We work in a trauma-sensitive manner with clients dealing with PTSD, stress, anxiety, and a variety of other mental, physical and spiritual health concerns. At FMY, we believe that individualized therapeutic yoga can benefit anyone and everyone looking to make a positive change in their life.

We do not take insurance however we can provide you with whatever documentation you need to seek reimbursement from your insurance company directly.

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